Hindu Lifestyle Seminar 2014


25 - 26 - 27 July 2014 @ Northolt, London

Hindu Lifestyle Seminar - 2014

(Source of Wisdom)

Venue: Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community Centre (SKLPC)

West End Road, Northolt – UB5 6RE

Friday 25/07/2014

5pm to 10pm

Opening Ceremony,

Spiritual Discourses , Sant Pujan

Dinner to be served from 5:00pm onwards

Saturday 26/07/2014

1pm to 10pm

Lunch, Spiritual Discourses,

Presentations, Questions & Answers, Dinner, Gents Cultural Program

Lunch to be served from 12:00pm onwards

Sunday 27/07/2014

8:30am to 7pm

Mass Vedic Mahapuja Ceremony,

Lunch, Ladies Cultural Program,

Spiritual Discourses, Presentations, Questions & Answers, Dinner


Mahaprasad will be served during entire seminar.

Please join us for any sewa (volunteer work) during seminar.


on Sunday 27th July 2014

  • The Mass Vedic Mahapuja Ceremony will be held from 8:30am. Both Ladies & Gents can participate. Vedic ritual will be done by Pujya Saint.


Any inquiry for Darshan, Mahapuja, Thal & Padharamni, please contact:

Sant Mandal: 0779 353 1382

Govindbhai Patel (Kerai): 0783 109 2042

Ravjibhai (Kanti) Hirani: 0796 035 9999

Govindbhai Raghvani: 0795 822 6807